A continuation of the journey that began on January 1, 2010, recorded in "a year of getting up to meet the day." After 365 consecutive sunrise outings in that year, I couldn't bear to give up the dawn. This blog (no longer daily) will be informed and inspired by the rising light of the morning sun.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

things to love about March

sunrise:  6:49

Last weekend everyone bemoaned the fact that we "lost an hour."  For sunrise watchers, it's an extra hour in bed, sort of...  Playing around with time is always a bit of an exercise of the imagination anyway, but it's nice to find a positive spin on things.

Not that a positive spin is that hard to find in the expanding world of approaching spring.

I did a weather watch last night, and thought conditions might be perfect for one of those dazzling, fuchsia undercoats reflected up against the cloud cover at dawn.  No such luck, but it still promises to be a glorious day.

Among the things I love about March...

  • The air is softening.  There's still a chill, but the chill is increasingly laced with a tantalizing softness in the air.  It curls around your face and lifts your hair, and seems to imply, somehow, that you're going to be okay.
  • NO BUGS!  Well, there are only a tiny few, just enough for...
  • BIRDS!  They are returning in greater numbers every day, and singing with great gusto every morning.
  • With no leaves on the trees yet, you can still see long vistas through the woods and birds perched in the branches.  It's an unrestricted, open, expansive view on the world.
  • SPRING!  Even though Maine's mud season is not the spring of warmer climes, it's still uplifting and filled with promise.
  • Okay - I also really like the NCAA basketball championship.  Our daughter N drummed up a bracket group of 16 or more, so we're loving the upsets, the nailbiters, and the gravity-defying athleticism of young athletes, and we're fired up by a bit of competitive investment at the same time.
  • St. Patrick's Day.  We have no Irish on either side of our families - but we love corned beef and cabbage.  Special treat this year is that Jonathan corned his own beef brisket at the Bangor Bacon Club (there's a club for everything!).

Ice is still covering the pond, but the fields are thawing out by the day.  Soon I won't be able to walk through that muddy middle section anymore.

Here's a shot of Clara with the fog-covered Penobscot River in the background (and that awful piece of gunk on my lens, still unresolved.  I'll have to get a repair asap).

Always difficult to capture on film - that fairy-light twinkling of raindrops on the branches of trees.  It was so lovely in the first light of the rising sun.

My favorite picturesque scene - across the river in Orrington.

The red-winged blackbirds returned last week, with all their buzzings and chirpings and great repertoire of song.  I watched a pair trading calls.  When they let out a trill, they fluff themselves up so that you get a great view of the red on the shoulders of their wings.

Off to start the day----

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