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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

occupy sunrise - 100%

Some of the best things about sunrise:

It costs nothing - 100% free.

It is available everywhere, to everyone, a global asset -- 100% inclusion.

Barring a world-ending super-nova, it will never run out - 100% dependable.

It instills serenity - 100% peace.

Like so many others, I have been trying to get a clear sense of this occupy movement, gaining momentum and rallying frustrated people together.

They are finding their way, and so far, it has been mostly a positive movement as far as I can see.  Frustrated people need an outlet.  With so many things awry in our society, hopelessness can become a poison, so this activism is a healthy response.  Keep it up, I say!  But...don't let it become infused by irrational bitterness.

There's one part of the occupy thing that doesn't sit well with me.  This whole "we are the 99%" thing doesn't feel quite right.  I bet that there are many of those 1%-ers who are thoroughly behind the occupy-ers.  They are happy to be taxed more, they give inordinate amounts of their wealth back to society, at the same time that their business interests are thriving and feeding the economy.

And I bet that there are plenty of people in the 80 to 99% group who belong in the category of those who misuse privilege and cheat the system, becoming richer at the expense of others.

Yes - let's go after big corporate corruption.  Yes - let's hold banks more accountable.  Yes -  go ahead and tax capital gains at a higher rate, and close loopholes that allow fat cats to pay no taxes.  But come up with a new rallying cry.  There are surely great allies to the occupy movement who are part of the 1%.  Let's not demonize our allies, or give others a free pass because they're below the 99th percentile.

If we let our focus get too honed in on some mythical 1% of the US population, those evildoers who are screwing the rest of the country, then the movement will go astray.

Our efforts should be to find what is fair and just and right for 100% of the people.  Part of finding that will mean correcting a bunch of things, so let's focus on the things - corporations, public policies, laws, state and federal taxation - not on individual people.

Here is something to reflect upon:

Occupy sunrise.  Stop every now and then, and be sure to think clearly.  Take a moment and embrace the entire 100%.  It is a better goal.

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